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Working nationally and Internationally as a facilitator, public speaker and moderator. Sandra brings academia and communities together using participatory approaches through creative interventions and outreach programmes. Understanding institutional governance and infrastructures, her work challenges assumptions with multi-cultural needs bridging the gap between institutions, organisations and the communities they seek to serve and value.

Sandra holds an MA in Museum and Galleries in Education (Responsive Museums: Inclusion and Outreach in Practice) from UCL, Institute of Education.

Sandra started her career with MTV Networks Europe and successfully completed her degree as a mature student. Previous projects and programmes include BSkyB, Youth Engagement and participation for Tower Hamlets’ Idea Stores and Youth Services. Arts Development across London Olympic Host Boroughs co-producing arts programmes with young people facing homelessness.

Her career includes roles at The National Archives developing access to African Caribbean archival collections. Consultancy clients include Courtauld Art Institute, National Trust, Cornwall Museums Partnerships, Victoria and Albert Museum, among others. Museums Association member and Fellowship positions with RSA and Clore 2014/15. International work with the Asiko International Arts School in South Africa, Nigeria, Mozambique and Ethiopia.

In 2014 along with leading Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic activists and Museum professionals, Sandra became a co-founder of Museum Detox. An evolving network driven by volunteers, Museum Detox is the largest and most influential membership network of its kind in the UK With allies and critical friends from around the world Museum Detox continues to grow and learn.

Sandra loves creating opportunities that enable people to see the value in their history, their unique cultural heritage and the stories of global connections. The history of black presence and experience remains fragmented in our archives, galleries and museums. This presents distorted narratives of black people and our existence in the British Isles. This is problematic and detrimental to our understanding of each other and self.

Currently developing the Black British Museum Project: a museum experience for future generations dedicated to black history, art and culture. The project is a testament to the past present and future of black people, their contributions and labour in the making of Great Britain. 


Leadership without the capacity to express vulnerability is like a peacock that struts: it can never really fly. (Brother Professor C. West ref Malcolm X)

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