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About Me

Sandra Shakespeare is a Museum and Heritage Consultant, Facilitator, and Life Coach supporting leaders in organisations to think critically about equity and inclusion values for transformational change.


A specialist in Equity, Inclusion and Decolonising practice Sandra brings to the table lived experience and years of working across arts culture and wider creative sectors. Getting to the heart of the matter, solutions focussed, Sandra brings courage, compassion and kindness to her work. Her love for life, people and communities ensures her unique level of integrity and honesty.

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‘Don’t neglect the gold in your own back yard’


- B.Okri -


I work with people and organisations in museums, arts organisations and places of heritage to help them think critically about equity, inclusion and the ‘uncomfortable’ so they can lead transformational change.

I facilitate groups and teams from CEO, Trustee and Directorate levels through to Management and Team leads. I create processes for getting to the root of concerns: I listen and probe assumptions to talk about stereotypes, biases and prejudice that get in the way of real equity and inclusion. Transformation is not designed to be comfortable; I use emotional intelligence to understand and listen with from both sides. This type of work takes time and an investment of resources and commitment to change.


I deliver a training programme called Rights, Risks and Reputation – created by What’s Next? As an Ambassador for the programme, RRR helps organisations to explore creative risk and supports local sectors through support and tailored resources.

I provide business mentoring services to CEO’s, Managing Directors and individuals across corporate and community settings. This is one a one-to-one basis to support areas work such as arts development, activity plans and decolonising processes.

I provide a range of services to support business development:

Project Activity Plans (eg. NHLF)

Community Participation and Outreach: Co Production Methodology

Project Evaluation (e.g. ACE, NHLF...)

Decolonising Methodology

Funding Support for projects and programmes

I am qualified as a RD 1st Life Coach with Relational Dynamics in the UK. I love coaching I provide personal and business executive coaching supporting clients and specialising in leadership development and cultural change.  My coaching style is creatively facilitating thinking in a safe supporting space – I use a combination of transformational tools, I challenge, I listen, and I probe. My role as coach is to set the coaching structure and to be clear about the expectations. A successful coaching relationship requires self-determination: you are in control and have the freedom and choice to achieve your own outcomes. I mainly work with clients across arts, museums and wider creative industry sectors.

Emmie Kell

Cornwall Museums Partnerships


A huge thank you from all of us in Cornwall for facilitating the study trip for us last week.  


It was a great programme and a real mix of museums and speakers which allowed everyone to reflect on their rational behind the work that is already taking place and providing some real reflection for our collective ambitions for the future. Thanks for introducing us to a great bunch of people who are all delivering such inspiring work.


Dr Etienne Joseph

Hackney Archives, Heritage Services

We contracted Sandra to develop a toolkit which our team could use going forward; democratising and enriching our collections information by including a range of voices. Sandra’s enthusiasm, flexibility, professionalism, expertise and empathy made working with her a fantastic experience. We would not hesitate to hire her again in the future.


The National Archives


A massive thank you for your facilitation – absolutely fantastic! Just so valuable to kick start the process of dialogue across Research and Archive Sector Development. 



Goldsmiths College

You have always been a beacon to me, in your generosity, vision and commitment to making the many heritages that constitute British culture available to all.


Rabab Ghazoul

Gentle Radical

A very deep, fully rounded THANK YOU for joining us – and for bringing such richness to our Imagination Forum proceedings! We’ve had lots of great comments already, and some wonderful emails, feeding back on what was clearly a vital evening for everyone. We know that is chiefly how you shaped it with your words, expertise, and thinking. Finding allies outside as well as inside of Wales, is critical for us.

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